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Nearly 3 Decades

of advocating on behalf of the most vulnerable in our community...our children

Our History

The Coalition for the Protection of Children (CPC) was established in 1992 to address the need for a non-governmental organization to advocate on behalf of children and their families. The CPC was instrumental in developing the New Protection of Children Legislation in 2000, successfully lobbied for new Day Care regulations and established the Inter-agency Planning Committee for Children.


The CPC later expanded into service providing efforts to meet the growing needs of Bermudian children and their families. Throughout its existence, the Coalition has provided a broad range of services which have included intervention and treatment, family support and aftercare, a child abuse hotline, food assistance and a free Breakfast program at 12 public schools.


Currently, the Coalition operates a walk-in crisis intervention centre where life-coaching and a triage service is available. We offer grocery support through our onsite storehouse as well as some hardship support that includes an educational fund for caregivers who wish to improve their skills. We facilitate 2 school based programs: Speak up Be Safe, which is a child abuse prevention program and the Breakfast Program, where we serve a morning meal every day of the academic calendar in 12 schools.

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