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Children are encouraged to join the Safety Matters Programme classes which give young people confidence and remind them of adults’ responsibility to keep them safe.

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The Coalition for the Protection of Children is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to meeting the needs of children and their families.

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Our Progress, Your Involvement

Between 25% and 30% of black children in Female Headed households live in situations in which basic nutritional meals are not available to them on a consistent basis (as a result of poverty).

Children need breakfast

Children who eat breakfast before school 'twice as likely to perform well in tests'

Breakfast for Every Child

For 14 years we have ensured a heathy start to the day for students attending public school.  Students who eat breakfast have Improved psychosocial behaviours (better concentration, less boredom, less anxiety).

Additional benefits to eating breakfast include:

  • Lowered risk of indulging in high calorie foods later in the day; including several other health benefits that facilitate achieving and maintaining appropriate body weight by kick starting the metabolism to burn fat more effectively throughout the day

  • Better/more involvement in physical education


Currently, we serve breakfast every day of the school year, in 13 schools.  Last year, over 700 students participated in this program and over 80,000 breakfasts were served throughout the course of the three terms.  The schools where we serve are:

St David’s Primary

Somerset Primary

Northlands Primary

Victor Scott Primary

Paget Primary

West Pembroke Primary

Francis Patton Primary

Heron Bay Primary

Prospect Primary

West End Primary

Purvis Primary

Dellwood Middle

Whitney Middle

Sandys Secondary

Breakfast for Every Child
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Standing strong

so that our children have the representation that is paramount for their health and growth


We are an agency for change. Awareness campaigns, research and data collection, along with our Legislative and Policy Agenda, remain central to who we are as an organization of child advocates.

Legislative & Policy Agenda


Protecting Our Children

1 in every 5 children are sexually abused.  Interested in learning how to protect our children from the devastating affect of sexual abuse?  Contact us today.

We understand

The CPC offers a helping hand during tough times - we truly understand

Hardship Support

We provide case management for caregivers who struggle financially through a wrap-around delivery approach.  A social worker does an assessment of needs through an intake, and then works with clients to develop an individual service plan (ISP). This may include utilizing other helping agencies, and/or work with government departments.


Our immediate goal is to ensure that children are safe and their basic needs are met.  Equal focus is placed on working with parents/caregivers therapeutically to shift families from living in crisis towards preventative action and responsible decision making.


We employ a strength-based model of counselling and life coaching.


Our onsite food storehouse supports clients with groceries as we engage in the process of moving towards self-sustainability.

Financial support includes uniform provision, summer camp sponsorship, or educational advancement.

Hardship Support

Safety Matters 

The Coalition's school-based, abuse prevention program with an aim to stop child abuse by educating children on the '5 Safety Rules', which provides developmentally appropriate information on the different types of abuse while teaching that it is an adult's responsibility to keep children safe. 

2,290 students have been trained in Safety Matters since 2016.


Effects of Neglect & Abuse on Children 

Effect of Abuse Early Childhood.png

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