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We have many volunteer opportunities throughout the year - we welcome your support and appreciate any assistance that you can afford.  Thanks you!

Volunteer with us

Come join us in providing the nurturing, care and love that children deserve and need.  We guarantee that your support will pay dividends to you personally and to the Children of Bermuda.  The Coalition for the Protection of Children (CPC) offers a variety of ways for you to volunteer, including:

  • Breakfast Program

  • Food Drives

  • Events and Tag Days

  • Christmas Event and Toys for Tots Wrapping

  • Administrative and Research Assistance


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How we differ from other organizations

There are other organizations that provide food aid but the CPC uses our food assistance programs to support clients in the process of an individual service plan. Each ISP is developed with the client’s specific goals and needs as a focus. A range of developmental programs and counselling services are utilized to support clients as they work towards their goals. Our food storehouse is a primary vehicle through which we can engage mothers in a process of empowerment, continued education, improved child care, better money management, improved relationships and a better understanding of the importance of well-balanced meal planning.

We do our best to focus on the continuum of care and how we fill the need in the community, while working proactively with other organizations to provide/refer to the full range of services that sustain a healthy Bermuda.

How We Differ

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